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Mokie Free FontUsed sparingly and with love, this free, downloadable font will make you stand out!
The "Mokie" font has an Eastern, freehand flair that is ideal for titles, logo design, captions and more -
Our own MK logo is based on this font and is the font of choice for media.
Once installed, this free font can be used in Photoshop, Word, and more on your PC or Mac.
Simply download and click to install - that's it!
Upper- and lowercase letters included, alphabet (A-Z) characters only at this time.


Grant Template
Write Your Own Grant!

Grant template with samples from accepted grants (redacted)

Used by NMSU and popular at numerous websites!
Starting your business requires a means to funding, whether that is a business plan or a grant. This template with samples from numerous grants was designed for those seeking research grants in education, but the lessons and samples apply to business plans, feasibility studies, and other public and private grant response to proposals (RFPs). We have also written multiple business plans for nonprofits and gathered information for reports at the request of New Mexico State Senators

MK Design House offers all free products 100% clean, with no spyware, ads, or restrictions beyond users not profiting
directly from the work (re-selling of files downloaded here).

Products may be used for personal or commercial projects.

When convenient, we only ask that you acknowledge the source with a link to our site - we understand that this is not always possible, but it is appreciated.

Please feel free to email Monica at the link below - we'd love to hear how you've used our products and any happiness they bring!

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