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What is your brand?

Branding isn't just a logo. Or a website. Or even a marketing plan.

Branding is what people think of and feel when they consider your product. Branding can be positive or negative. A positive press release can enhance your brand, while a negative news story can detract from it. In this way, Public Relations plays a role in branding, as does marketing, communications, and of course, your logo.

MK Design House will develop your logo and your website. We will write your press releases, develop brochures and posters, provide content management on a weekly or monthly basis, and assist in finding funding streams that may include a new client base or development of a grant opportunity. But to truly develop public awareness - to create a brand that people know, recognize, and feel good about - requires an integrated process of many of these elements.

Please see the "Featured" links below for examples and the stories of some of our branded clients. Each is a success story in public awareness and marketing across media. We are proud to present them and we hope you learn from their stories.

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